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Surfing Secrets

Surfing in Hikkaduwa is great fun.


Hikkaduwa surfing Beach is one of the major tourist attractions of Sri Lanka and located in 100km away from the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo.. The surfing in the Hikkaduwa region is quite well known and gets the best surf during its dry season, November to March and  is famous among tourist for its natural attractions. Wide beaches, coral garden, ocean with crystal clear water and hot sun are some of them.
It  attracts surfers from Australia, UK, Japan, US, Germany, Switzerland and many more countries. There are many surf points with clear warm water in Hikkaduwa. All spots have a deep bottom & flat reef and not risky. The wave size ranges from 4~11 feet  The main point  has "A" frame shape waves, which you can ride in both directions.



Hikkaduwa is Sri Lankas  best surf destination

North Jetty.   Coral bottom, a right wave that requires a great swell that breaks. When this wave behaves as expected it can be a wonderful ride, it’s a long wave with very hollow sections.
Benny´s.   Coral bottom. A fast left wave and quite dangerous that breaks over a very sharp reef and with shallow water. Only surf here if you really know what you are doing and at your own risk.
Main Reef.   Coral bottom. Right and left waves that offer fun and relaxed surfing.
Inside Reef   Coral bottom. Breaking fast hollow waves from left and right that can be quite intense at times.
Beach Break.   Sand bottom. South of the inside Reef there is a number of thin sand over which several types of waves break. This area is recommended for the inexperienced surfer.

Useful facts to know:


The surfing season in Hikkaduwa starts in November and ends in April.


Average water temperature: 28 degrees


Average air temperature: 30 degrees




Beach Quality


Wave quality  Standard wave
Experience All surfers  Frequency  Don't know
Type  reef coral
Direction  Right & left
Power  Fun 
Normal length  Short (<50m)
Good day  Normal (50 to 150m)
Bottom  Reef (coral, sharp rocks etc...) with sand
Tide position  All tides
Swell size  Starts working at less than 1m - 3ft and holds up to 2.5m+ / 8ft+
Swell direction  West, South West
Wind  North East, East 

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