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  Sri Lankas one of the  most beautiful, enchantment city is Hikkaduwa and is the island's most developed beach resort. It has a range of accommodation, good restaurants and pleasant cafe-lined beaches .Hikkaduwa is surrounded lot of natural resourses and her beauty has attracted so many local and foreign visitors throught the year.
The people are nearly entirely Sinhalese Buddhists. The people are generally warm and friendly. Their social activities are based around family and religious events. There was a clear social structure and some families were obviously a lot wealthier than others


 The Town Hikkaduwa


Hikkaduwa is a small town on the south cost of  sri lanka and located in the southern province about 20 Km north-west of Galle.It comprise with  beach resort and restourants, shops  guesthouses accomadation, travel arrangements and far more facilities for you.sss The city is perfect for holidays with exciting opportunities to holiday for weekends.
The city is popular for excellent opportunities for surfing and turtleswhere one comes

across turtles everywhere in the water.
The bus stand ,train station and police station are centered in the city while restorents arearounf them .Weligama and narigama are the close villages to hikkaduwa.


Who comes and Why ?


Many who comes Hikkaduwa the majority represent beach lovers,  or sea lovers harts attracted by hikkaduwa beach girl. Beside them other preder to surfe in hikkaduwa beach on the breaking waves and some feel the north pure wind and taste the beach sunlight.

• Snorkeling and diving in the clear waters are the major past-time along this stretch and is the most environmentally friendly way to see the colorful fish that dart around.

• The coral sanctuary found on the coast of Hikkaduwa is a large shallow body of water enclosed by a reef, decorated with layers of multi colored corals, witch is home to countless number of colorful fish.
• Off the beach there is a collection of tine islets surrounded by beautiful coral formations. Many species of fish and large turtles are found here.There are more than four different shipwrecks for diving enthusiasts to explore along with dive shops offering PADI courses and equipment.
• Plenty of beachfront accommodation and a reputation as the second best surf spot in Sri Lanka by the international board-riding set,the reason so many visit Hikkaduwa is blatantly clear Then why you delay ?
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