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Seenigama Temple (shrine)

Seenigama History:


Seenigama village is situated on the south-west coast on the main Colombo-Matara road way. Located just before Hikkaduwa. The devale is on a small island is beyond  the beach.It is belive  that the god devoldevi (a local god) is protecting  his village hikkaduwa and his  people as well.
Although the people of the area consider this temple to be at least 1,300 years old, there is no evidence to prove this theory. From the existing historical records and the structural evidence it is more than 300 years old. The latter is not the main thing that seenigama temple is devoted among people. Devol devi is requested punishments by people for injustices committed to them This is done through grinding chilies on a special stone on the island while the curse is made. result oriented



Annual Festival


   Seenigama annual festival is held on  July and carry out festival continuously six days along.In festival season a serises of respective for the Devol Devi is completed and heap of crod is gathered around seenigama village from evey nook and corner of the Island. Nevertheless the festival season unveiled many opportunities for those who are involving their professions to lift up.
“Thorans”,Traditional Dances ,Fireworks, Chanting are there with out lack and surley you will persuade to see the Festival once again once you watch it. 


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